Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Using swfobject with FLV Player

I'd like to add the player to a page directly in a div using only swfobject without these object tags generated by dreamweaver but I get a 'Play List XML not loaded!' error.
I've converted all the Params and Flashvars that were generated by dreamweaver into js objects and I call swfobject.embedSWF with these config objects.
The playlist definition is like that :
_videoType: 'File (URL)' and
PlayListXML_path: 'http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/playlists/homepage.xml'
The player swf is located in http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/.

The playlist xml displays correctly in a web browser.
Did I miss something? Is it possible to get it work this way?

Thx in advance for your help.
King regards,

Vincent Louvet


The PlayListXML_path var needs to be quoted and escaped ...
That's a bit weird because it doesn't do that with the other variables.

This is an example code working with swfobject:

alert('swfobject missing!');

var flashvars = {
PlayListXML_path: '\'http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/playlists/homepage.xml\'',
_showMainBar: true,
_skin: 'Default',
_mainbarAutoHide: true,
_mainbar_Alpha: 100,
_mainbar_Top: '#333333',
_mainbar_Bottom: '#000000',
_loadSkin: false,
_thumbnailCarousel: true,
_fixedWidth: 400,
_fixedHeight: 226,
_videoProportions: true,
_autoSize: true,
_autoPlay: false,
_loop: false,
_bufferTime: 2,
_buttonToolTips: false,
_buttonsColor: '#FFFFFF',
_volumeAudio: 60,
_seekBar_color: '#ffa707',
_showEmailButton: false,
_showEmbedButton: false,
_showFullscreenButton: true,
_showPlayListButton: true,
_showTimerButton: true,
_showVideoPropButton: false,
_showVolumeButton: true,
_fontFamily: 'Default Embedded Font',
_fontSize: 8,
_emailSubjectTitle: '',
_emailBodyText: '',
_buttonToolTipsList: ['stop','play','pause','played time / all time','sound volume','playlist','html code and link','send to friend','video properties','fullscreen mode'],
_addexterpl: false,
_plbgcolor: '#000000',
_plwidth: 480,
_plheight: 272,
_ownerLogoIMGPath: 'logo.png',
_ownerLogoAlpha: 0,
_ownerLogoLink: '#',
_rightClickMenuCopyright: 'VL',
_rightClickMenuCopyrightLink: '#',
_rightClickMenuCopyrightTarget: '_blank',
_objectID: 'video'

var params = {
allowFullScreen: 'true',
wmode: 'transparent',
quality: 'high',
allowScriptAccess: 'always',
swliveconnect: true,
allowFullScreen: true,
swfversion: ''

swfobject.embedSWF('http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/player.swf', 'video', '400', '225', '9.0.115', '/scripts/lib/swfobject/expressInstall.swf', flashvars, params);

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