Thursday, May 7, 2009

FLV player: Metadata location in FLV

How to make the player load and play the video (in FLV format) without have to load the whole data first? Now, flv player have to load the whole data first before it can play.


Try post processing your FLV video file with FLVMDI. It puts the metadata at the beginning of the FLV so it begins to play immediately.

FLV player: No sound in video

Why in my video file music is not played?


The WebStunning FLV Player is Flash based, so it can only use video/audio codecs that are supported by the Adobe Flash Player.

See: for a list of the supported codecs.

FLV player: Creation of correct HD file

How you create correct HD files?


We create all our HD videos in free codec - SUPER, you can download it from

Adobe player considers HD video of such formats: MP4, MOV or M4V (popular).

PS. FLV format cannot be correct for HD viewing on fullscreen.

FLV Player: MOV file loading time

I find the loadintimes long, what can I do to make it shorter.


The problem in Metadata in MOV file. Your Metadata in the end of MOV file and the player does not know duration of video on start. Therefore it loads video completely and then plays.

It is a known problem of MOV files. Probably you need to take advantage of other program for creation of your MOV files or convert MOV to FLV.

I have found one program, maybe it help you:

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