Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Gallery: Flash Banner Rotator Demo

I want to make the same gallery as "Flash Banner Rotator Demo"

How do i get this? The below is listed as one of the key parameters.
However, I don't see that as a choice

Carousel Thumbnails PNG Images with Alpha channel (circles)

Thanks, Raquel


You can select the preset "banner-rotator" in the UI.

UI => Presets tab => Select configuration => "banner-rotator" - click "Apply"

you will get basic banner rotator,
also you need to change following parameters to get the same gallery
as Flash Banner Rotator Demo

- add red circle in the thumbnail field (Image list tab => Select an
image => Thumbnail image)
- Interface tab => Interface => Panel Bevel Transparency - 0
- View Mode tab => Carousel => Thumbnail Rollover Highlight - coloring