Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Using swfobject with FLV Player

I'd like to add the player to a page directly in a div using only swfobject without these object tags generated by dreamweaver but I get a 'Play List XML not loaded!' error.
I've converted all the Params and Flashvars that were generated by dreamweaver into js objects and I call swfobject.embedSWF with these config objects.
The playlist definition is like that :
_videoType: 'File (URL)' and
PlayListXML_path: 'http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/playlists/homepage.xml'
The player swf is located in http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/.

The playlist xml displays correctly in a web browser.
Did I miss something? Is it possible to get it work this way?

Thx in advance for your help.
King regards,

Vincent Louvet


The PlayListXML_path var needs to be quoted and escaped ...
That's a bit weird because it doesn't do that with the other variables.

This is an example code working with swfobject:

alert('swfobject missing!');

var flashvars = {
PlayListXML_path: '\'http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/playlists/homepage.xml\'',
_showMainBar: true,
_skin: 'Default',
_mainbarAutoHide: true,
_mainbar_Alpha: 100,
_mainbar_Top: '#333333',
_mainbar_Bottom: '#000000',
_loadSkin: false,
_thumbnailCarousel: true,
_fixedWidth: 400,
_fixedHeight: 226,
_videoProportions: true,
_autoSize: true,
_autoPlay: false,
_loop: false,
_bufferTime: 2,
_buttonToolTips: false,
_buttonsColor: '#FFFFFF',
_volumeAudio: 60,
_seekBar_color: '#ffa707',
_showEmailButton: false,
_showEmbedButton: false,
_showFullscreenButton: true,
_showPlayListButton: true,
_showTimerButton: true,
_showVideoPropButton: false,
_showVolumeButton: true,
_fontFamily: 'Default Embedded Font',
_fontSize: 8,
_emailSubjectTitle: '',
_emailBodyText: '',
_buttonToolTipsList: ['stop','play','pause','played time / all time','sound volume','playlist','html code and link','send to friend','video properties','fullscreen mode'],
_addexterpl: false,
_plbgcolor: '#000000',
_plwidth: 480,
_plheight: 272,
_ownerLogoIMGPath: 'logo.png',
_ownerLogoAlpha: 0,
_ownerLogoLink: '#',
_rightClickMenuCopyright: 'VL',
_rightClickMenuCopyrightLink: '#',
_rightClickMenuCopyrightTarget: '_blank',
_objectID: 'video'

var params = {
allowFullScreen: 'true',
wmode: 'transparent',
quality: 'high',
allowScriptAccess: 'always',
swliveconnect: true,
allowFullScreen: true,
swfversion: ''

swfobject.embedSWF('http://www.domain.tld/flash/player/player.swf', 'video', '400', '225', '9.0.115', '/scripts/lib/swfobject/expressInstall.swf', flashvars, params);

Friday, June 5, 2009

FLV player: Choppy video playback

Some videos seem to play smoothly in Firefox and Safari but they choppy playback in Internet Explorer.


You are right. All problem in Flash ActiveX plugin in the Internet Explorer. It saves computer memory (CPU) and accordingly not smoothly plays some videos. But in the last IE8 browser I have not noticed such problems.
1. It is necessary to increase buffer time.
2. The using of RTMP server (Streaming video) can help.
3. Try other adjustments at the video file creation.